Akbash bark collar


Males: 76-86 cm

Females: 71-81 cm


Males: 54-59 kg

Females: 41-50 kg


Akbash (bark collar reviews) - it's very beautiful, large white dog in Western Turkey. The name of the breed comes from the Turkish word "akbas", which means "bald." Dogs of this breed are a group of Turkish shepherd dogs, which also includes Kars, and kangalsky Anatolian Karabash Karabash. There is speculation that Akbash also akin to a group of white shepherd dogs. For example, podgalyanskoy Shepherd of Poland, the Hungarian Komondor and the Kuvasz , maremmano-Abruzzi sheepdog , sheepdog from Slovakia. The most distant relative Akbashev, most likely a Pyrenean mountain dog.

History of the breed has 3000 years. At the time, Turkish shepherds to protect their breeding herds of large shepherd dogs. Akbash - it is a big and strong dog that is able to repel predators and fend for themselves. Today Akbash bred not only in Turkey, a lot of popularity these dogs are purchased in America, where they are kept as a guard dog and companion dog.Bark collar reviews

For beginners Akbash not work, this dog requires careful nurturing, skilled individual approach, owner Akbashev should know about the behavior of these dogs. This is a serious guard dog, do not keep it on a chain, otherwise Akbash become aggressive and uncontrollable. If Akbash lives out of town, do it securely fenced area and provide complete freedom of action in this area.

From an early age Akbashev should carefully socialize and educate. This dog is independent, all strangers with suspicion, for this reason, a puppy Akbashev should be accustomed to the society of people.

Dogs of this breed - perfect bodyguards. They never give offense to his master, the attack on the enemy will rush Akbash rapidly, with no extra commands. This dog is incredibly strong, it forces to deal with a wolf or a bear, what can we say about the person. It is necessary to think carefully before you start such a serious dog.

Bark collar reviews. Akbash is very neat, almost no smell. His hair should be cleaned a couple of times a week to avoid tangling and remove dead hair. During molting, careful combing undercoat.